"The ongoing training is great, especially all of the new courses."

- Maggie, Foster Parent 


Statement Of Purpose





"The people who truly make the most difference in our lives are those who truly care."




Aims and Objectives


The main aim of Attachments Fostering is to provide a secure family base for children and young people who are unable to live at home in order that they may grow and reach their full potential.


Attachments Fostering are deeply committed to the recruitment and support of our foster carers as we believe this is the way to provide the highest quality service to our children and young people. This is evidenced by the fact that in September 2016 100% of our placements ended in a planned way.


Once a child/young person has been placed with the agency, Attachments Fostering aims to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with the responsible authority, the child's family and any other person contributing to a child's care plan in order to work in the best interests of the child.


The therapeutic framework, which underpins all of the work undertaken by staff and carers, is based upon Attachment Theory. We aim to provide a role model and attachment figure for all children/young people placed with the agency.


Attachments Fostering provide a wider range of placements to match the needs of children referred, including parent and child placements. We promote the highest standards in foster care for children and young people by providing comprehensive and high quality training, support and supervision to both carers and staff.


We believe that for placements to work it is vital that positive, active and responsible roles are developed between children/young people, foster carers and the agency thereby modelling the theory throughout the service.


By providing a personal high quality service we aim to minimise placement disruption and provide stability and continuity to the child/young person. Attachments Fostering provide a child centered service promoting education and integration into the local community.


Recruitment and Approval of Foster Carers


We believe that our foster carers are our greatest resource and therefore recruitment is key to everything we do. Attachment Fostering recruits carers from all social backgrounds, cultures, ethnic groups and religions in order to offer a wide range of placements to match the needs of "Looked After" children and young people. We value differences in parenting styles in our carers and believe that skillful assessment and careful matching are key to good outcomes.


Recruitment Process


  • Registration of interest


  • Information pack sent


  • Follow up phone call


  • Application form submitted


  • Skills to Foster course completed


  • Form F Assessment


The Assessment Process


  • If applicants are suitable, a social worker is allocated to undertake the Form F assessment


  • At the same time all relevant checks such as D.B.S., NSPCC and Local Authority will be undertaken and references will be followed up


  • The full documentation will then be presented to the panel for approval


  • All fostering assessments will be undertaken in accordance with National Minimum Standards


  • Form F format, equal opportunities policy and any other relevant legislation and/or policy that is in force at the time of the assessment


  • Following the presentation at panel, (to which the applicant(s) will be invited), they will be notified in person by the Fostering Panel Chair of the outcome of their application. They will receive written confirmation of their registration


  • All carers are reviewed annually. Reviews are undertaken by an independent social worker who will present their report to the Fostering Panel


Support and Training


Attachments Fostering believes support and training to be vital components in providing better outcomes for children and young people. We believe in keeping carers well informed by providing training tailored to meet their individual needs which are identified in their Personal Development Plan (PDP).


We provide a comprehensive support package which enables them to better meet the needs of the child or young person.


We recognise that the role of carers is difficult and demanding. It is imperative that they are equipped with the tools to facilitate their skilled, professional work.


Attachments Fostering provides 24 hour support via a duty system, regular linkworker visits, support groups, lunch meetings, telephone contact, planned activities and extra support for carers whose children are not in education.


Attachments Fostering also recognises the important role that the carers' own children play in the lives of the children/young people who are placed in their family. With this in mind, we aim to develop a group for young people in care, where they can express their views and be informed of policy.




Our services offer a wide range of placements to Local Authorities, these include:


  • Short term assessment placements
  • Bridging placements
  • Long term placements
  • Parent and child
  • Sibling placements
  • Emergency placements
  • Difficult to place children
  • Respite care
  • Unaccompanied minors


Staffing Information


Attachments Fostering is a growing agency and our staff have a wealth of experience between them. It is our intention to remain small and personal as we believe personal service is key to ensuring better outcomes and placement stability.


Registered Manager


Dot King C.Q.S.W. (1986) has many year experience in social work and as a foster parent. Initially, Dot worked in the voluntary sector mainly with youth, in community based projects.


Once qualified, Dot worked in child protection for 12 years before progressing into management. In 1992 she undertook an advanced qualification whilst working in child protection in Kent Social Services. Dot is registered with the HCPC; registration number: SW51189.


Dot is passionate about providing a high level of care and good outcomes for the children and young people placed with the agency. She believes the best way to do this is to support foster parents who are well equipped and well trained enabling them to be totally child focused.


In 1998, having worked in a Local Authority setting for many years, Dot became a freelance social worker and trainer for four years before becoming a Regsitered Manager within the independent sector.


Both in Local Authority and as a freelance worker, Dot has held very complex cases and been involved in all levels of the court structure in England from Magistrates to High Court.


Dot continued working in various management posts until setting up Attachments Fostering in 2004.



Registered Individual


Osman Koca's role is diverse covering quality assurance and recruitment. Osman is also working towards his social work degree. This role allows him to combine his people skills with his formal education in business; he studied at Istanbul Teknik University, Ege University, Izmir and Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge. He is also currently looking at improving children and young people's participation and the recruitment process.


He brings with him a wealth of experience in business from a variety of settings including hospitality and engineering.


Supervising Social Worker




Social Work Assistant


Donna Sharp joined Attachments in October 2017. She graduated from York University with a BA (Hons) and more recently gained an NVQ3 in Early Years. Donna has worked with children and young people in a variety of settings and has also supported young parents. Her last post was in Early Years. She has extensive knowledge of child development and education. 


Donna is particularly gifted in working with hard to reach young people. 




Denise Lewis took up the post in 2006 after a break to raise a family. She is responsible for the day to day financial tasks the agency requires. Denise deals with all the payments from Local Authorities and to carers and staff.


Over the ten years Denise has worked for Attachments her remit has developed and broadened. In 2010 she took responsibility for upgrading the agencies website. She worked closely with local colleges using students undertaking such projects.


In 2011 she became involved in recruitment of foster carers and worked on projects as diverse as local shop advertising to local radio.


Before joing the team at Attachments all Denise's previous posts were financed based.




Rebecca Taplin joined the team in February 2015, initially to cover maternity leave, however she was sucessful in gaining a permanent post. Rebecca's background in administration began in Mid Kent Water then a haulage company before working in hotel administration. She enjoys, and is particularly skilled at, systems and monitoring.


Hannah Brassington previously worked as a primary school Teaching Assistant for 8 years and joined the team at Attachments in June 2018. She has Advanced Apprenticeship Level 3 NVQ in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools and is currently studying for her NVQ Level 3 in Business Admin. Hannah has experience in administration as she runs a successful small business from home. 


Independent Staff


Attachments Fostering also uses a small pool of highly experienced qualified social workers, therapists, and tutors on a freelance basis. Attachments carry out comprehensive checks on all staff prior to their employment. All independent staff are interviewed, vetted and references and checks are undertaken.


Directors: Dot King

                    Denise Lewis

                    Lorna Koca


Registered Manager: Dot King 


Manager: Sallyanne French


Registered Individual: Osman Koca


Address : Lenvale House

                   2 East Street



                   ME6 5BA


Telephone: 01634 244555


Fax: 01634 244333


E-Mail: attachments@btconnect.com


Legal Status


Attachments Fostering is a Limited Company. The company's registration number is 4939840




Attachments Fostering operates within regulations made under sections 22 and 48 of The Fostering Service Regualtions 2011, the powers under the Children Act 1989 section 59 and the National Minimum Standards 2011.



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